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I am a Venezuelan math teacher with more that 15 years of experiences. Since 2000 I have having the pleasure to be part of the USA education system, first as a Elementary teacher and later as a Middle School teacher. My vast of experience include working with elementary grade from 1st to 5th and working with grade 6th through 8th. I have also had the joy to teach students for diverse background such as refugees students, EL students and Title one students. I have been supporting student at risk through remedial classes and tutoring. Accommodation and Modification are essential part of my teaching in order to make sure that all my students make progress.

Mathematics have been part of my life since birth, my dad a code breaker and a recognized Mathematician from Venezuela gave me the foundations for what it is today my career and passion. My mom and elementary school teacher who taught me the art of creating learning opportunities for all.

As a mother, I consider my students my own kids. I know the huge responsibility when teaching them, therefore I always give my best.  I strongly believe that all students deserve to learn and all students can do it if we provide the right strategies to achieve their goals.

Besides teaching, music is a part of my life. As a piano player and singer, I incorporate my hobby into my teaching practice. Math and Music go hand by hand making some lessons more meaningful and motivating.

As a native Spanish speaker, I use my first language as a instructional support when needed. I have been part of Dual language immersion programs as well as Spanish immersion programs.

I consider myself a long term learning who is always looking for new ways to improve my teaching by attending professional development and taking courses that will enhance my  teaching career. 

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